Coming to an agreement through negotiation illustrated by three

Nuts and Bolts Behind El Paso Real Estate Negotiations

When the goals motivating the parties in a negotiation—including El Paso real estate negotiations—are understood by all concerned, the odds for success are greatly improved. In most cases where the negotiation is between a buyer and seller of El Paso real estate, the goals are straightforward enough that it doesn’t seem to require much attention.

The 17th Annual El Paso Home and Garden Show

From Friday March 10th to Sunday March 12th over 10,000 El Pasoans congregated at the El Paso Convention Center to celebrate innovations in home remodeling, attend workshops to learn new gardening and landscaping techniques, to meet celebrity guests and to connect with others in the community. Also at the event was a kids’ zone for

A Guide to Ft Bliss Real Estate

Every year approximately 650,000 US military families are relocated all over the world. Now, moving is hard on anyone, but this is especially difficult for a military family who has potentially moved several times in recent years, or even recent months. That’s why you need someone on your side, a realtor that not only knows
Hammer on Stack of Money

How To Budget for Renovation Projects

When you purchase a home there are few things to consider. There are some expenses many seem to forget when it comes to homeownership. The largest ongoing expense are improvements and repairs. It is suggested that most homeowners need to spend 1% to 2 % of the purchase price every year for routine home maintenance

El Paso SportsPark Opens After 4 Years

After 4 long years the El Paso Sportspark is finally open in Far East El Paso. What was a staple on the east side has been closed for many years. This city started improvements in 2012 however there were problems with the original contractor that led to the long delay. That delay cost the millions

Adding Value To Your Home

If you are looking into the future to maybe sell your home, there are a few things that can add value to your home with making a large renovation investment. There are many DIY shows that show you what you can do to your home that will had value. However, many times you don’t have