Selling Your El Paso Home in Today’s Market

If you’ve been contemplating selling your El Paso home, if you came across last week’s USA Today article that found “home sales are slowing,” it might make you think twice. You couldn’t be faulted for jumping to the conclusion that slowing national sales means tough sledding for selling El Paso homes—but that takeaway is almost

Earthships—Not Yet Ready for El Paso Liftoffs

This Tuesday, the 2018 Earthship Biotecture Conference will be called to order—but I’m not aware whether any El Paso delegates will be attending. Since sustainability and minimal use of the planet’s resources are the goals of the Earthship movement, the realities of airline fuel consumption and the fact that the conferees’ meet-up is taking place

An Often-Overlooked Key to Choosing an Agent

One of the most important yet seldom discussed factors that should rate near the top of your list of requirements for a El Paso agent is how comfortable you feel in conversation with him or her. What might sound like New Age feel-goodery is actually a crucial ingredient in the buying and selling of El