5 Signs Your El Paso Kitchen Needs Some Help

Every El Paso Realtor® has heard this observation from a selling client more than once: “Now that I’ve fixed the place up, it’s so nice to live here!” It’s sometimes followed by a wistful, “I should have done it years ago!” They don’t need to add, “so we could have enjoyed it ourselves.” The culprit

Sell Your El Paso House for What it’s Worth

In my capacity as El Paso real estate information-gatherer, I really couldn’t pass up last week’s, “How to Sell Your House for More than It’s Worth.”  I know; I know: that’s the kind of web clickbait we’ve all learned to avoid—like popups announcing “New Law Cuts El Paso Residents’ Tax Bill in Half!” or “Secret

El Paso House Tour Etiquette Guide in Two Words

When it comes to El Paso house hunting, sooner or later you’re bound to find yourself confronted by a question of proper house touring etiquette. After all, you’re an invited guest in somebody else’s El Paso home—someone who you don’t know, who isn’t around, and whose house rules are a cipher. As you’d expect, the

El Paso Housing Future: Will it Need SciFi Solutions?

Texas and El Paso are not immune to at least one outfall from what the New York Times calls “the great American single-family home problem”: the looming shortage in affordable places to live. What might seem to be mostly a distant challenge for faraway metropolitan areas could eventually affect single-family neighborhoods, too. Areas where today

To Prep Your El Paso Home, Consider Going Greige!

There’s little debate about the psychological importance that color exerts on people—nor on the crucial role it can play in creating an attractive atmosphere. When you decide what tweaks will do the most to prep your El Paso home for market, it follows that choosing the right paint color for rooms that need refreshing should

El Paso Home Prices and an Iffy Proposition

Last week’s Wall Street Journal’s “Heard on the Street” headline “Why Home Prices Have Nowhere to Go But Up” may have guaranteed attention—but at the cost of advancing a pretty iffy notion. Then again, if you have been window shopping (or is it “screen shopping”?) through the El Paso listings anytime recently, the idea could