El Paso Homeowners Tempted by Sellers Market Conditions

“Circumlocution” ­—the hefty word for “beating around the bush”­­—describes what the national real estate news feeds have been practicing for a while when it comes to the state of the marketplace. Until recently, most analysts seemed reluctant to call this spring’s U.S. lineup a “sellers market”—perhaps because the phrase might discourage would-be buyers. That began

El Paso Listings 101: More than Meets the Eye

As soon as you begin to search in earnest for your next El Paso house, you are reminded once again how today’s El Paso MLS listings have become all but indispensable. Yes, it’s possible that you might find the property you’re looking for by happenstance—as a “For Sale” yard sign that catches your eye, or

El Paso SDIRA Investment Avoids Wall Street Gyrations

For many typical El Paso breadwinners, last week’s stock market gyrations undoubtedly revived feelings that had been largely absent for quite a while: retirement jitters. Nearly a quarter of working Americans own Individual Retirement Accounts—but since most IRAs’ values fluctuate considerably with the ups and downs of Wall Street, when major indexes officially enter correction