NAR® List Sparks El Paso First House Buyer Quiz

My organization—the National Association of Realtors®—offers a wide range of guidance for El Paso families who have decided it’s time to land their first house. With more than a century’s worth of experience, you’d expect nothing less. Last week I happened across an article the NAR had distilled that looked like a must-read for anyone

El Paso House Design Idea Summed Up in a Single Word

There’s news in the world of house design—for a change! Those who keep in touch with the house design innovations that El Paso buyers are currently favoring know one thing is for certain: they don’t change overnight. True innovations are rare. Fads occasionally come and go (remember “industrial décor” and barn door sliders?)—but by definition,

Home Hacks: Nine Tips for El Paso Homeowners

You don’t have to be holding a showing or El Paso open house to appreciate time-saving maintenance and organizational tips. Nowadays, many of these are being called “home hacks”—but no matter what you call them, when you find yourself repeatedly dealing with recurring cleaning and household organizational problems, simple shortcuts are what is called for.

Real Estate Inspection Jitters? Rx: Don’t Freak Out!

As worrisome physical symptoms go, house inspection jitters should not be worrisome in the least. Neither El Paso home buyers or their counterparts (El Paso home sellers) need be troubled if they find themselves awaiting the house inspector with mounting anxiety: these are perfectly normal symptoms. My advice echoes HGTV’s prescription for a “Drama-Free Real

El Paso Real Estate Negotiations: Beyond Game Theory

Game theory only sounds like it has something to do with how to win in some weekend sports outing or family board game. It’s a seriously studied logical field that mathematicians delve into. Interestingly, when you study how to develop successful negotiation tactics—El Paso real estate negotiations included—you can look at them via game theory.

New El Paso Home & New Auto: the Metaphor Fails!

Ask a typical El Paso consumer to name the two most important purchases people make, and you’ll almost always hear “new house” and “new car.” They’re often lumped together, but they shouldn’t be. They aren’t all that similar. The rationale for buying a new car is clear: automotive technology advances nearly every model year, improving

El Paso Mortgage Rates Echo Another 2017 Low

A couple of weeks back, the ultimate authority on El Paso mortgage rates hadn’t minced words. That was Freddie Mac, whose opinion about mortgage rates constitutes the final say in the matter. Freddie isn’t modest about its preeminence (Freddie’s trademarked corporate slogan is “We make home possible”). Together with sibling Fannie Mae, the quasi-governmental entities