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El Paso Homes and Millennial Ownership

Owning A Home As A Millennial It may just be me, but doesn’t it seem as if the general drift of things is that it’s getting harder and harder to make ends meet? And that younger people are getting the brunt of it? Many believe that owning their own El Paso home is not within
11 things not to do when moving to El Paso

Moving to El Paso – 11 Things NOT To Do

Tips Before You Relocate to El Paso It might seem that some actions are perfectly obvious—and that among them are the many things you shouldn’t do immediately before moving to El Paso and your new home. Yet, as moving day approaches, the multiplicity of tasks that are left to be done have a way of
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El Paso Texas Real Estate Get Energized

On Friday, El Paso’s real estate outlook ended the busy month with a genuine surprise—one that could well augur an extension of El Paso real estate’s traditional peak selling season. The news was significant enough to move from financial sections to front pages and bottom-of-the-screen crawls on cable channels. Atop the Mortgage News Daily broke
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Older El Paso Houses Bring History to Life

If you have your sights set on a brand spanking new El Paso house, the romance of a home that’s witnessed the comings and goings of previous generations probably doesn’t call out to you. At least not nearly as powerfully as a front door lock that’s yet to be turned, a kitchen with nary a
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Next El Paso Real Estate Trend Could Be Food?

El Paso Real Estate Trend For real estate watchers on the lookout for the latest El Paso real estate trends, here’s some food for thought. According to last week’s Wall Street Journal, it’s one formerly overlooked amenity that is now evident in the increasingly competitive luxury condominium market. It’s gastronomic: the addition of exclusive residents-only