A Guide to Ft Bliss Real Estate


Every year approximately 650,000 US military families are relocated all over the world. Now, moving is hard on anyone, but this is especially difficult for a military family who has potentially moved several times in recent years, or even recent months. That’s why you need someone on your side, a realtor that not only knows Ft Bliss real estate intimately, but more importantly, will put your needs first during this sensitive time.

Because, not only is moving emotionally taxing, but buying a home in an unfamiliar place is also impossible. That’s why I’m here—to make this process not only painless, but enjoyable, fun, and exciting. I was born and raised in El Paso, and I know it is a welcoming and energetic place, a wonderful city to raise a family. If you have any questions about Ft Bliss Real Estate —which neighborhood is right for you, which schools are the best for your child—never hesitate to contact me.

Here’s some Ft Bliss real estate advice for you and your family:

Keep Track of Your Expenses

While it’s true that the military will reimburse you for most of the cost of the move, there could be limitations to this, so be sure to keep all receipts during the process. Even if the Army doesn’t reimburse you directly, your moving expenses could still be tax deductible.

Know Your El Paso Neighborhoods

No one ever wants to live in a neighborhood that doesn’t feel like home, and simply looking at a street on Google Maps on your computer never paints the entire picture of what life is like there. If you can, send your spouse or a family member to El Paso first to scout out some neighborhoods. Upon arriving, ask yourself some questions: do you want to be close to the base in neighborhoods like Austin Terrace or Summit Place? Or would you rather be closer to Franklin Mountains State Park in a neighborhood like Thunderbird? I’d be happy to show you around all of the neighborhoods in beautiful El Paso.

Find the Right School for Your Child

Not all schools in El Paso are created equal. If you’re son is a football player, maybe Eastwood High School, with their amazing team would be a priority. If class size is a prime concern, Coldwell Elementary school has a 15:1 student/teacher ratio, along with Hawkins Elementary at 14:1.

I was born and raised in El Paso, and went to Andress High School, just north of Biggs Army Airfield. I’ll be happy to inform you about the best school for your child’s specific needs.

Ask Yourself if This Is a Short-Term or Long-Term Investment?

Research says that if you aren’t planning on staying in a home for more than five years, then it’s possible you’ll lose money on your investment. Let’s not let that happen to you. We’ll find a home that you’d like to stay in for five years, or fifty years.

Get the Right Realtor

I am a native El Pasoan and Texan at heart. I’m a proud graduate of Andress High School, and honored to call El Paso my home. I understand that military families need not only someone who is an expert in this great city, but also someone who understands the needs of a family on the move. PCS relocation to Fort Bliss is very common, and I’d be honored to be of service to you, much like you are of service to our great country.

El Paso is home to over 50,000 veterans and thousands of other military personnel, federal employees, and all their families. Not only is El Paso a vibrant and diverse community, but you will also feel at home here. Now, all we need to do is find you a home.

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