The Six Most Important Characteristics for Your El Paso Realtor


I’ve worked in the real estate industry all across the great state of Texas for over a decade, and I’ve met all kinds of wonderful people. Once I met an El Paso realtor who was so shy that the only reason they even worked in real estate was to force themselves to get out and meet people. On the other hand, I’ve also met real estate agents with that rockstar quality which meant the attention was always on them—and with those kinds, at time I questioned whether or not they could be trusted. No matter the personality type though, the business of real estate never changes: the goal of any El Paso realtor should be to best serve our clients, to look out for their best interests first.

Here’s what you should look for in your El Paso Realtor:

Love and Knowledge of El Paso

I was born and raised in Northeast El Paso. I remember when the Sun Metro Mass Transit system first arrived in 1987, and my first hike years ago at McKelligon Canyon. I love to eat at Anson 11 on the weekends, and always make time for my family. After living in Dallas and experiencing the different real estate markets in Texas, I am so happy to be back in El Paso. It’s home.

I know this terrain like a ballplayer knows his old baseball mitt, but I also know the business of El Paso real estate: the number of students in the local schools, the student/teacher ratios, regional property value appreciation, property tax rates, the cost of the renovations done to the home. I would love to share my business knowledge of the El Paso real estate market with you, in addition to my love for the rich and diverse culture here.


Don’t waste your time with an El Paso realtor that won’t be honest with you. Sometimes real estate agents lie, either in person or on their website, about their listings, experience, and sales history. That’s why on my website it’s very clear which listings are exclusively handled by me, and which others I represent but not exclusively. My experience is my reputation—that’s why on my website, LinkedIn Page, and any other social media, you can see the exact details of my experience. With Susan Flores, what you see is what you get. I’ll always be honest with you about the realities of a deal.

Sensitivity Towards Your Needs

Buying a home is a stressful time for anybody. Not only is there a major financial investment happening, but you’re also moving. There’s tremendous change happening in your life—a promotion at work, military relocation, a marriage—so you need a realtor who understands how to speak to people during a sensitive time. Well, let me tell you something about me: I’m the friend that people turn to in life when they’re going through difficult times. I’m good at handling stressful, emotional situations with people. You know why? Because I’m a good listener.

A Natural Problem Solver

Sometimes in real estate you have to think outside the box. My combination of real estate market expertise, from my days as a wholesale lender and business relations manager, to my career as a real estate agent, combined with local El Paso knowledge, allows me to analyze any problem from the buyer or seller side and come up with helpful solutions. Whether it’s an issue with a neighborhood’s reputation, or the buyer or seller cannot agree on a price, I have the ability to determine the best case scenario for all parties.

Great at Multitasking

Have you ever tried to contact your real estate agent, but they’re too busy to take your call, or even worse, to call you back? I know it can be very frustrating, particularly when you’re in a time sensitive situation, like when you’ve put an offer in on a house and you’re waiting to hear the seller’s response? Multitasking skills are so important for an El Paso realtor. It happens to me all the time that I’ll be on my way to a listing, when the phone rings, and it’s another client asking about a different listing, and during that notifications are dinging on my phone non-stop! This is a typical day in the life of a real estate agent, so you want to work with one that can juggle all the demands of a hectic lifestyle.


It’s very important that you have an El Paso realtor that can keep all of their contracts, contacts, and listings, not to
mention contractors, interior designers, and brokers, all organized, so when you call they know everything about your transaction. Have you ever seen your agent rifle through a stack of papers, struggling, cursing to find your Purchase and Sale Contract that you gave to them a week ago? Let me ask you this: would you ever want to work with them again?

So those are the qualities you need to look for in your El Paso real estate agent. Don’t settle for anything else besides the best service, so give me a call today.

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